Assessment of Risk for Alzheimer Patients by Monitoring Heartbeat and Identifying Falls

The Uninova team has worked to develop an app that can detect falls or risk of falls in the elderly. Research has indicated that falls are a big cause of concern in this demographic, resulting in follow on health implications that can seriously impact on quality of life. Uninova has developed the android app which can be leveraged through the increasingly pervasive smartphones, thereby eliminating the need for other equipment purchase. Through the use of sensors on the smartphone such as the accelerometer, risks can be identified and only when a subject does not respond or take remedial action will alerts or notifications be triggered. Fall data including intensity, longitude and latitude are recorded and records enable identification of false positives resulting in better system performance. Heartbeat can also be monitored giving greater context in a given situation. Uninova presented its work in this regard at the 10th International Conference on eHealth in July, 2018.


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