What is Carelink?

Carelink-AAL is a team (link to about partners) of researchers, innovators and business people from across Europe, committed to delivering a low-cost, location and proximity monitoring system suitable for Dementia sufferers. Carelink aims to reduce stress for caregivers, dramatically increase the survival rates of wandering patients and promote low-cost community based caring.

The Carelink project commenced in August 2017. It is a 30 month project, funded under the European AAL programme

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What are the innovations that will be develop as part of the Carelink initiative?

Carelink Innovations

A wearable tag that considers the unique needs of patients at different disease progression stages

A unique tag that responds to the needs of both patients and their carers. In order to ensure that the tag is accepted by patients in different contexts (day and night) and at different stages of the disease, ongoing end user collaboration, led by U-Sentric, during the design and prototyping phases is critical.

A wireless sensor tag suite that can provide proximity and location information in multiple contexts.

The tag will be low-cost, robust and energy efficient. Uninova is developing a wireless sensor pack that will meet these requirements based on innovative sensor technology and by employing a flexible approach to energy management through leveraging multi-radio technology within the sensor itself.

A cloud-based platform to support personalised connected solutions

Enabling carers to monitor the proximity and location of patients and to interact with the system remotely. TSSG will develop the cloud-hosted system along with interfaces that can be used to develop apps and services for carers and patients. TSSG will also develop intelligent behaviour profiling algorithms to ensure appropriate energy management policies are deployed to the patient tags at all times.

An information suite

Allowing carers and families of patients to be educated and informed of the key elements of dementia as well as providing a platform for support and discussion. Uninova will work with the End-User organisations to understand the requirements for this training and education platform.

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