Carelink Consortium

About the Partners

The Carelink consortium consists of 6 partners including 2 Academic Institutions (TSSG, Univova), 3 SMEs (OpenSky Data, u-sentric and Creagy) and one representative from the non-profit sector. The core footprint for the team covers Belgium, Portugal, Ireland and Switzerland.

The TSSG group was founded in 1996 within Waterford Institute of Technology. Since then, it has grown into a large research centre… [Read More]


Since its inception in 2004, opensky has evolved to become one of the most pioneering IT solution companies in the marketplace…. [Read More]


U-SENTRIC is a young, dynamic company, founded end 2007 and born out of the Centre of User Experience (CUO) of the K;U;Leuven – Belgium… [Read More]


CREAGY AG is a Swiss based professional service firm. Founded in 2006, an experienced team consisting of engineers and economists… [Read More]


The Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Novas Tecnologias (UNINOVA) is a multidisciplinary, independent and non-profit research institute… [Read More]

Akademie Berlingen

Akademie Berlingen was founded in 1993 by Silvia and René Künzli as „Seniorenakademie Berlingen“ and 2014 renamed… [Read More]