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Innovative Personal Tracking for People with Dementia

An intelligent location monitoring system customised to meet the unique needs of People with Dementia and their carers.

Wandering is a common occurrence among people with dementia. There can be many causes including confusion, boredom, restlessness and out of habit. Whatever the cause, it can be extremely stressful for both the individual and their carers and the outcomes can be very serious.


Carelink Solution

The Carelink solution aims to improve wandering outcomes and quality of life for persons with dementia and their carers.
Location & Monitoring

A Monitoring system customised for people
with dementia

Sensor Tag

A Sensor Tag which is low-cost, robust,

Training & Education

A Training & Education platform to support
key stakeholders



6 tips on interviewing people with dementia @CarelinkAAL @AALProgramme #dementia #designwithpeople #HCD https://t.co/BaE5KkrURD

The AAL Smart Ageing Prize shortlist has been published! Visit https://t.co/ehdeF1wNQy to meet the 15 participants that made it to the semi-finals!
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Wrapping up a successful @CarelinkAAL team meeting with a big focus on how we validate our solution and ensure that we deliver something truly valued by our target users. Thanks to our excellent hosts @usentric

After a very productive day working on refining our @CarelinkAAL proposition, our Belgian hosts @usentric are bringing us on a local produce tour

Project coordinator @GaryMcManus @CarelinkAAL overseeing progress in Leuven... Discussing early business development

Agreed. @CarelinkAAL aims to maximise independent living, enabling safe excursions.


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