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Innovative Personal Tracking for People with Dementia

Wandering is a common occurrence among people with dementia, with many causes including confusion, restlessness and boredom. Whatever the causes, it can be stressful for individuals and their carers.

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A research summary with early findings from the @MODEMproject now available https://t.co/rtT89yW140, as well as the slides presented at our final conference on 15 Nov. https://t.co/zWwQC4ZL3K More results are being written up and sent for publication, more updates soon! @ESRC

Interesting read (thanks for posting @BurgonClare ) including about the challenges of focusing attention towards reducing risk of falls #dementia #assistivetechnology #dementiaresearch

Well worth a read - @elhijodevera posing questions about how we develop a framework to facilitate the participation of people with dementia in the research agenda.

Read our latest blog post with @CarelinkAAL project news including software development and hardware progress, #AssistiveTech #dementia - https://t.co/Dnav6WMD3d

The work of @TSSG_WIT's DR Michael Barros, @micaheltaob (and Dr Subhrakanti Dey) using Control Theory to regulate Astrocytes Signalling in Molecular Communications Networks may lead to new nanomedicine solutions for treating neurodegenerative diseases. https://t.co/G9lNaGE1wu

"Our goal is that any scientist from anywhere in the world can access the best health study data through this platform" - our director's vision for #mondaymotivation https://t.co/wV678aqlht


Carelink Solution

The Carelink solution aims to improve wandering outcomes and quality of life for persons with dementia and their carers.
Location & Monitoring

A Monitoring system customised for people
with dementia

Sensor Tag

A Sensor Tag which is low-cost, robust,

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A Training & Education platform to support
key stakeholders

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