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Innovative Personal Tracking for People with Dementia

Wandering is a common occurrence among people with dementia, with many causes including confusion, restlessness and boredom. Whatever the causes, it can be stressful for individuals and their carers.

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Good overview of policy and direction of regulation coming down the line
Europe sets out plan to boost data reuse and regulate "high risk" AIs https://t.co/1KfUYFPYfv via @techcrunch, #AIRegulation

Really emotive topic.

The safety we impose upon people living with #dementia is exactly the lifestyle we would so strongly oppose for ourselves.

#positiverisktaking https://t.co/hlinoTU3BR

Excellent example of person-centred care for people with dementia @sjdementia - https://t.co/uqMrzbcGuD

Our very own Tudor Pitulac presents the expected results from @carelinkaal at the innovation stream at #Hisi19 #ehealth @hisiireland

Wishing our partners @OpenSkyData a productive and enjoyable time at the 24th International Healthcare Informatics Society of Ireland conference on 26/ 27 November in Croke Park where they will present @CarelinkAAL work on intelligent location monitoring for people with dementia.

In Zurich for our latest Carelink plenary - looking at our latest prototype of the @CarelinkAAL intelligent location monitoring systems with partners @UNINOVA @usentric @OpenSkyData Akademie Berlingen and Creagy


Carelink Solution

The Carelink solution aims to improve wandering outcomes and quality of life for persons with dementia and their carers.
Location & Monitoring

A Monitoring system customised for people
with dementia

Sensor Tag

A Sensor Tag which is low-cost, robust,

Training & Education

A Training & Education platform to support
key stakeholders

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