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Innovative Personal Tracking for People with Dementia

Wandering is a common occurrence among people with dementia, with many causes including confusion, restlessness and boredom. Whatever the causes, it can be stressful for individuals and their carers.

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Read our latest blogpost about power management challenges that must be solved in order to enable robust location tracking for people with dementia, #assistivetech #ambientassistedliving #locationtracking #powermanagement

Finishing up a successful @CarelinkAAL consortium meeting in Lisboa with plans for further product development & testing, trials, demonstration webinar, business validation, AAl Forum participation and more #assistivetechnology #AALForum

Delighted to be a partner with @nai_ireland for Brain Awareness Week this week - for full info go to https://t.co/War4f8E7cv #BrainAwarenessWeek2019 #LoveYourBrain2019

Carelink plenary in full swing today and tomorrow hosted by @UNINOVA

On our way to Lisboa to discuss the next steps for @CarelinkAAL with project partners @TSSG_WIT @OpenSkyData @UNINOVA @usentric @UrsBaumeler (Creagy) @ AkademieBerlingen

Please see https://t.co/5fBdpM8bVy for our latest blog post by partner @OpenSkyData on data protection in Carelink, #assistivetech, #dataprotection, #privacy


Carelink Solution

The Carelink solution aims to improve wandering outcomes and quality of life for persons with dementia and their carers.
Location & Monitoring

A Monitoring system customised for people
with dementia

Sensor Tag

A Sensor Tag which is low-cost, robust,

Training & Education

A Training & Education platform to support
key stakeholders

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